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Best Android apps for 2015


Android has crept into businesses and boardrooms in a big way, easily competing with Apple and gaining popularity all of the time. But which apps will make you more productive in the workplace? Which apps can help you tweak that winning sales pitch or make a note of that next big idea?
We run down a list of the ten best and most popular Android apps for you to download in 2015.

1. PrinterShare

App Category: Business
Description: Get unlimited remote printing from your phone or tablet.
Price: £6.95
Details: As hard as we try to commit ourselves to the death of physical documents, sometimes we just can’t avoid having to print something we’re working on. PrinterShare lets you print documents, photos, emails and more directly from your device without any of the hassle of transferring files or locating a nearby PC.
The business case: Mobile working is becoming the norm so, when we find ourselves in need of a printer, an app like this easily removes the hassle of doing it from a desktop PC.

2. Inbox by Gmail

App Category: Productivity
Description: An email app that helps organise messages in a way that’s easier to read.
Price: FREE
Details: Previously invite-only, Inbox by Gmail is the perfect tool for organising email in a way that’s much simpler to scan, organise and read. You’ll be greeted by highlights from your inbox when opening the app, and similar messages will be helpfully grouped together. You can also set reminders, or snooze emails and alerts to go back to later.

3. Swype Keyboard

App Category: Productivity
Price: 59p
Description: A faster keyboard for those who want to type on their Android phone or tablet.
Details: For those who often find themselves typing on their phone or tablet, whether that’s sending lengthy emails or writing entire documents while on the move, your device’s default keyboard just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Downloading the Swype Keyboard means that you can type what you like much more quickly and comfortably. The app also claims to get up to 40 words per minute.
The business case: The app has three separate keyboard layouts to cater to your tablet or phone screen size, and the four-in-one keyboard offers Swype, Type, Write and Speak capabilities.

4. OfficeSuite Pro

App Category: Business
Description: A way to create and edit Word, Excel, PDF files and more from your Android device.
Price: £7.85
Details: A worthy alternative to Microsoft Office programs, OfficeSuite allows you to view, create and edit documents from your Android device, with all of the formatting and conversion options you need. Other rich editing features and easy sharing make this a fantastic tool for professionals who often need to view and tweak files from their phone or tablet while on the move, and full integration for various cloud services lets you back up what you need and pick up where you left off as soon as you’re back in the office.
The business case: A good office suite is one of the biggest essentials for professionals who find themselves away from their desks a lot, and OfficeSuite 7 is a great option with lots of advanced features.

5. CamCard

App Category: Business
Price: 60p
Description: Organise your business contacts by storing cards on your iPhone.
Details: Networking and building contacts is a big part of the everyday life of a professional and, rather than carrying around traditional business card, with the risk of losing them, CamCard makes sure you can keep track of contacts you’ve made and people you’ve met all on your iPhone. Not only does this eliminate the need to carry all of the cards you’ve collected, but it also lets you quickly exchange details with people nearby.
The business case: You can create your own personal profile, share with others quickly and easily, and follow-up on contacts you’ve made all through the app.

6. Adobe Acrobat Reader

App Category: Productivity
Description: A popular tool for reading and modifying PDFs.
Price: FREE
Details: Easy-to-use and completely free, Adobe Reader is Android’s most popular app for reading and interacting with PDFs. With the app on your device, you can quickly open PDF files from email or the web, viewing them anywhere and using tools to edit, zoom and share them straight from your phone or tablet. All of the features are designed to make documents simple to read no matter what size screen you’re working with.
The business case: As well as reading and editing documents, users can also convert PDFs into Word or Excel files, fill out forms and share files quickly and easily.

7. CamScanner

App Category: Productivity
Price: £1.16
Description: A way to create high quality PDFs from documents and more.
Details: When so much work is now done remotely or between team members who aren’t in the same place, being able to scan documents is still a vital part of any business. CamScanner turns your phone into said scanner, making it more convenient to turn hard copies into high quality PDFs that can be stored, saved and sent to relevant parties.
The business case: After scanning important documents, it’s much easier to work collaboratively using cloud storage, send to co-workers and print multiple copies.

8. File Manager Pro

App Category: Business
Price: £1.99
Description: A feature-rich file manager for Android.
Details: For business users, a good file manager is an essential way of keeping things organised and tidy on your device, and this free app allows you to keep things from getting messy. View your files in list or grid display options, compress to save space, search and share easily, view thumbnails for video and photos and edit text files on the go.
The business case: With simple search and share features and a user-friendly interface, File Manager is one of the most popular apps of its kind for Android.

9. aCalendar+

App Category: Productivity
Price: £2.99
Description: A comprehensive calendar app that will ensure you’re always organised.
Details: The perfect calendar app for those who may find it tricky to keep up with a busy schedule, with tons of extra features that make it very simple to stay as organised as possible. You can navigate different views, choose colours and other customisation tools, add widgets to your home screen, link events to relevant contacts, manage invitations, sync with your device’s native calendar and more.
The business case: The pro version of aCalendar+ has many more features useful for professional users, with an increased focus on organising events and managing contacts.

10. Dropbox

App Category: Productivity
Price: FREE
Description: Store and share files and documents between team members directly from the cloud.
Details: The most popular cloud storage option available for Android, Dropbox allows users to store their photos, documents and videos to access them from anywhere across all of their devices. With 2GB of free space included when you sign up and sharing between team members incredibly simple, the ability to access files from wherever you are also increases mobility and eases collaboration.
The business case: You can easily access files and documents while out of the office, allowing you to continue working from wherever you happen to be, no fuss.

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