Saturday, October 3, 2015

5 tips to charge your smartphone battery faster

High end smartphones these days are coming with Snapdragon 8xx processors and other advanced technologies that allows for a rapid charging of the handset. This can be really useful for users who have lost all the juice on their smartphone and are charging on the go from a public outlet for a limited period of time. Some new devices are capable of charging up to 60% in a minuscule time period of 15 minutes or so. This certainly is a ground breaking technology and also a life saver for many smartphone users who have heavy usage pattern. However, those who are already on a year old device are not so fortunate and are often left hanging in the middle as battery runs put and 10-15 minutes of charging gives them a measly 3-5 % of battery. Here are 5 simple tips for such users, which will help them to charge the handset quicker then usual.

Do not use the phone while charging

One of the most basic tip to follow while charging your smartphone to get extra boost is to leave the smartphone untouched for the duration of charging. Using the smartphone during the short period of charging might not allow the battery to charge at all. In case you are not in a non excusable rush to send an email or make a phone call, we would suggest that you plug your smartphone in and let it sit for a while. The main reason behind this tip is that the display of your smartphone is the main battery hogger. Besides, performing battery hungry tasks on the device while it is charging slows down the charging process.

Preferably switch off the handset

In case you are not anticipating any important phone call or an email, it is always suggested to switch off your smartphone completely when you are charging it for a short duration. Shutting down the device will ensure that your smartphone charges faster then it normally does. This is because all the processes in your smartphone has been killed when you switched it off and the only thing that is going is the charging process. So in case you can afford to turn your handset off while charging, it is recommended to do so.

Or activate the Airplane mode
The basic idea behind switching off the handset while charging is to kill all applications and tasks running in the background. This also includes all wireless and radio connection of the handset to prevent any interruption in charging process. The same result can also be achieved by activating the airplane mode in your handset, which will shut down all the wireless and radio connections in your smartphone and help gain a slight boost in charging duration.

Turn off all the unnecessary features while charging

In case it is not at all possible for you to turn off or activate airplane mode, which is understandable in case you are doing something important or expecting an important call. In such cases it is advisable to turn off all the unnecessary features of the handset. It will probably help to toggle off features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and data connection. Also, you can consider turning off the location services like Maps and others. Moreover, if you have any ongoing backup or downloads running in the background, we would suggest pausing them until later. These are small but quite efficient tips to help charge the smartphone tad bit faster when you are in a rush.

Use the right charger for your handset

The last but the most efficient way to charge your smartphone faster is to use the correct charger for your smartphone. Every smartphone comes with a certain limit of maximum current that it can draw to charge and if the current input and maximum limit matches, the device will charge faster. To illustrate, a smartphone may require 4 amp of current to charge properly and a charger drawing 2 amp of current will take longer to charge the device than the one that can draw 4 amp. This is the reason why most handset manufacturer suggest to use only the charger that is provided with the handset. In case you are in a rush, avoid charging through the USB data cable or wireless charging.

These are few steps that can help you get more battery while charging your smartphone in hurry. However, please note that apart from the new age handsets no other device can charge up to even 50% in a matter of minutes and we would suggest you to be conservative in your usage when you find yourself in such a fix. It is also wise decision to invest in a good quality powerbank to save yourself from the hassles.


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