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Free Icon Packs to Customize Your Android

Even the least tech-savvy will sooner or later want to change the default wallpaper on their phones. If you take a step towards more advanced customization, you’ll learn it’s possible to completely transform your Android device with various launchers and widgets, cool fonts, lockscreen replacement apps, and icons.
With so many great Android icon packs out there it can be difficult to choose the right one for your phone. That’s why we’ve decided to help you save time – and money – by presenting some of the best free icon sets currently available from the Play Store.
Most of the icon packs listed here require you to install a launcher first. After that you can install the icon pack itself, and apply it through the launcher’s Settings dialog. Some icon packs come with their own setup utility, or a separate app that you can use to preview, update, and modify the icons. In both cases, the installation process is simple and you can change the default Android icons in just a few taps. The best part is that your device doesn’t have to be rooted in order to use these icon packs.

Best Free Android Icon Packs

Bleach Icons

With sharp symbols on muted, soft-colored backgrounds, Bleach is a perfect match for pastel wallpapers and retro-style themes. It comes with nearly 1500 icons and an option to request more. Bleach also offers 20 wallpapers that emphasize the beauty of this icon pack.
Supported launchers: Apex Launcher, Smart Launcher, Nova Launcher, Go, ADW, Aviate, CyanogenMod Theme Engine
Developer: Vieuser Apps


Adastra is a colorful and detailed icon pack with 1180 icons in HD quality. The icons are optimized for XXXHDPI screens and you won’t notice any loss in quality when they’re resized. Adastra even works with older Android versions (from Gingerbread onwards) and offers a handful of wallpapers – what’s there not to like?
Supported launchers: Apex Launcher, Go, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, Holo, Action, Aviate, ADW
Developer: Tomy Cadus


Quadra is a bright and cheerful icon pack with flat-style, square icons that will grab your attention thanks to the colored border on each icon. It’s still in beta, which is why there are “only” 580 icons, but you’re welcome to send your icon requests and suggestions to the developer. Quadra is optimized for devices running Android 5 (Lollipop) and comes with its own dashboard app.
Supported launchers: Action Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW, Atom, Holo, Smart Launcher and more, with support for Unicon (requires root)
Developer: Ryconography


Shadows combined with bright colors make Voxel icons stand out from the rest. This set gives you more than 1900 square icons to arrange on your home screen and achieve that neat tiled look. In case an app icon is missing from the set, Voxel will mask it to make it fit into the theme. Last but not least, Voxel comes with a dozen wallpapers and an icon request tool for your convenience.
Supported launchers: Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, ADW, Go, Holo, Aviate, Atom, Action Launcher, KitKat Launcher, and a few more
Developer: Benas Dzimidas


Whether you’re a music lover or a fan of all things vintage, VNYL will bring a smile to your face. This icon set is special because its round icons are designed to resemble vinyl records. VNYL contains more than 2400 icons with custom icons for activities.
Supported launchers: ADW, Atom, Aviate, Apex Launcher, Epic launcher, Holo, KitKat Launcher, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, CyanogenMod Theme Engine, Solo Launcher and more, with support for Unicon
Developer: starkeDEV


Behind a short, unassuming name you’ll find a rich set with round, badge-style icons. There are more than 1300 icons and new ones are added regularly. Some icons come with alternatives, including dark versions of icons. Ikon also offers you several wallpapers that go well with this colorful icon pack.
Supported launchers: Nova Launcher, Go, ADW, Holo, Action, Apex Launcher and more, plus support for Unicon
Developer: BladeX Designs

Glim Icons

You might think Glim is yet another Material Design-inspired icon set, and I understand that a lot of people dislike the current trend of “flatness”. But do you really want to miss out on more than 1500 free icons and a bunch of high-quality wallpapers? For a small fee, you can get access to 2000 alternative icons – this means you can swap any icon with one of several alternatives for a unique customization experience. Not trying out Glim would really be a mistake.
Supported launchers: Apex Launcher, Go, Holo, KitKat Launcher, Nova Launcher, Trebuchet, ADW, Atom, Epic Launcher, CyanogenMod Theme Engine and more, plus it works with Unicon
Developer: Maximilian Keppeler
Price: Free and paid ($1.57) on Google Play Store

Subtle Icons

True to their name, these icons are subtle in the sense that they don’t feature intense colors. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet – subtlety doesn’t mean they’re boring. On the contrary, the level of detail is so high that every icon feels like it’s telling a tiny story. Subtle icon pack gives you 1350 icons and a selection of HD wallpapers.
Supported launchers: Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW
Developer: BA Designs


Moka is a popular icon theme for Linux, so if you’re already using it with yourfavorite Linux distribution, here’s some good news: now you can use it on your mobile devices as well. More than 650 icons grace this pack, and they’re all designed with high resolution displays in mind. Moka includes the icon masking option for unthemed icons to ensure consistency.
Supported launchers: ADW, Apex Launcher, Go, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, Holo, Aviate, Action Launcher, and a few more
Developer: Moka Project


Silhouette is an artistic icon pack that makes clever use of shadows, outlines, and color to give an impression of, well, a silhouette of an icon. With 800 icons included, this pack is among the smaller ones on the list, but it does offer icon masking for icons that are yet to be added. Silhouette also comes with its own dashboard app from which you can request new icons and manage existing ones.
Supported launchers: Use the Silhouette dashboard app to apply the icon pack
Developer: Onyxdev


Most icon packs tend to be uniform and consistent when it comes to shapes and lines. CandyCons is different. It’s a fun set with 690 carefully crafted icons that come in various shapes and colors, giving your Android device a creative and exciting vibe. Some icons have alternatives, and switching them is as easy as simply holding down an icon and choosing a replacement from the popup dialog.
Supported launchers: ADW, Apex Launcher, Go, Holo, Epic Launcher, KitKat Launcher, Aviate, Atom, CyanogenMod Theme Engine and more (total of 27 launchers are supported according to official description)
Developer: Vukašin Anđelković

Black & White


This elegant monochrome icon pack is my favorite from this list. Whicons looks amazing with dark themes and backgrounds, and its 2732 icons should cover most of the apps you have installed. In case they don’t, Whicons offers an icon request option in its Dashboard app, where you can also download Whicons wallpapers, preview all icons, and set the icon pack as the default.
Supported launchers: Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Smart, Launcher, ADW, Go, Aviate, Action, Solo, KitKat Launcher, Epic Launcher, and more
Developer: TomVer

Gel Icons

Another classy, white icon pack. Gel icons work well both with dark and light wallpapers thanks to the transparent icon background. The icons are round, simple, and great if you want to channel your inner minimalist onto your Android home screen. There are 1000 icons in the pack with more to come.
Supported launchers: Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Aviate, Action Launcher, Holo, Smart Launcher, ADW, LG stock launcher, CyanogenMod Theme Engine, and more
Developer: Fraom

Stamped Black

Orange might be the new black, but nothing looks as great with white wallpapers and themes as a 100% dark icon pack. Stamped Black is one such set, and it features more than 1000 icons in two different styles.
Supported launchers: Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, ADW, Go, Action, and Lightning Launcher. Other launchers haven’t been officially tested, but they should be compatible
Developer: UPpack


If Gel icons from this list caught your eye, but you don’t like round icons, you’re in luck – Glasklart icons are exactly what you need. Square icons with gently rounded corners and a delicately transparent background will look fantastic with any dark wallpaper. There are more than 1320 icons in this set, which should be enough to keep you happy.
Supported launchers: Apex Launcher, ADW, Smart Launcher, Aviate, Nova Launcher, Go, KitKat Launcher and more, with support for Unicon
Developer: Knxt

Zeon Black

Many icon packs claim to be original and unique, but don’t exactly deliver on the promise. It doesn’t get much more original than handmade icons that look like they’ve just been sketched on your screen. Meet Zeon Black, an outstanding pack with more than 1600 icons that come in several colors in case you want to switch themes.
Supported launchers: Apex Launcher, ADW, Nova Launcher, Aviate, Go, Action Launcher, Solo, KitKat Launcher, Smart Launcher and more, with support for Unicon
Developer: RayphoDesign

Vit Icons

Vit Icons are proof that white icons don’t mean your home screen will look plain and boring. These carefully designed icons will catch anyone’s eye with their level of detail, shadows, and rounded-corner shape. You’ll find more than 2000 icons in this pack.
Supported launchers: Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Action, Aviate, Smart Launcher, KitKat Launcher, ADW, Holo, CyanogenMod 11 Theme Engine and more, with support for Unicon
Developer: Onyxdev

Unique Shapes

Hexa Pulse

Hexa icons are simple, yet strikingly beautiful: the bold contrast between the dark border and the light background makes them pop out on your home screen. The best feature, however, is their hexagonal shape – something you don’t see often when it comes to Android icons. Sadly, this icon set currently contains only around 150 icons, but you can still use it, since the most popular apps and actions are represented.
Supported launchers: ADW, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Holo, Go, Action Launcher, and SSLauncher
Developer: Aeris Designs

Leaf Icons

This small icon pack is obviously different from anything you’ve seen so far. The leaf shape will give your home screen a quirky, original touch. Leaf Icons currently offers more than 200 icons, which does sound modest, but the developers promise frequent updates.
Supported launchers: Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, ADW, Go, Action Launcher, Holo
Developer: Leaf Coders


If you wish to emulate Metro tiles from the new Windows interface on your Android device, Matrix icons are one of the best free options you have. Their uncommon shape – oblong instead of square – makes them suitable for this purpose. There are 500 high-quality icons in this pack, and Matrix also supports icon masking, so you don’t have to worry about unthemed icons sticking out like sore thumbs.
Supported launchers: Apex Launcher, Go, ADW, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, CyanogenMod Theme Engine, Aviate, KitKat Launcher, Solo, and more
Developer: Codyrock


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